As I write this the Corona Virus is on every TV channel, every radio station. It's at the grocery store, the pharmacy, the play ground, the beach. It's at the restaurants and cafe's, it's talked about at the table. There is no school what so ever and jobs are being Interrupted. There's restrictions on travel, hotels are closing along with restaurants, life as we knew it is gone. There's fear and to some degree there is beginning to be anger and frustration. Churches are not having services. Okay, deep breath, I need that commercial from days past; "Calgon take me away."

   We are in this together, I am praying for wisdom for myself as pastor, for all those who are having to make decisions during all of this. But let's be reminded that the creator of the universe and all that is, is still God. He has not left us and has not lost any of His sovereignty, nor does He love us less. So my prayer for you is this, that our web site will be a place where you see and hear just that. That the joy of being a child of the King is still filled with unbelievable joy. That because of Jesus we have peace and can find rest in His hands. Be encouraged today and be filled with the joy that Jesus brings. Praying for all, that God will grant you protection, love, joy and peace. Thank you for opening our web page and may the King of Kings and Lord of Lords be your's today.

                                                                                                         Pastor Wayne Godwin





Pick Up and Delivery

The Governor of Florida has said for all people 65 and over, along with all those who have health issues, to stay home because of COVID 19. So we are offering to all who are in that and feel they can't get out, to allow us to buy your groceries and pick up your medicines for you. You can call our church office with your lists and we will go and buy them for you or pick them up. Our office hours are on Monday and Wednesday from 10am till 4pm and on Thursday from 10am till 12 noon. You will only need to pay from the receipt when we deliver them to you. We will also need birth date and address to pick up medicants for you. This is a free service that we are offering and it will begin on Monday March 30th. God Bless 


As of today Friday March 20, 2020 First Baptist Church of Lorida will not be having our regular church service on Sunday mornings and Sunday nights, along with prayer meeting on Wednesday nights. For how long we don't know at this time However, please keep your self informed of all the latest information about Covid 19. Evaluate your heath conditions and then based of those decide what is best for you and your family. There is no shame here nor is there any condemnation to be given. We all need to seek the wisdom of God for us as individuals. Know that the message of each Sunday is on our website as well as a devotion there for you to use. Going to be using facebook to do a very short devotion on Wednessday and a prayer. We are going to try and post some information there for you about what is going on at our church as well. So be encouraged and bare with us as we walk together through this time. Love all of you from the bottom of my heart.      Pastor Wayne Godwin

Ladies Bible Study

Ladies Bible study has been cancelled for this Thursday, March 19 and decisions for the following lessons will be made on a weekly  basis.  30 Life Principles by Charles Stanley is the title of the present study.  Call 863.655.1878 for more information. All ladies are invited and encouraged to attend.

  April 2020  
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