Youth Pastor: Mike Negley

Olympians week 5; Joseph

Joseph was the son of Jacob and was Jacobs favorite. Now that caused a lot of problems for the other 11 brothers. Then Joseph had dreams where it was revealed to him that his brothers and his dad would bow down to him because he had rule over them. Now don't you know that was like pouring lighter fuel on the fire, it just made the fire higher and hotter. Then there was this coat of many colors, wow this was a sign of his dad's great blessing on Joseph and his brothers were very jealous of him for it. But one day Joseph was sent by Jacob to see about his brothers, they were many miles away tending to their sheep and goats. They say Joseph from a distance and decided this was their chance to kill Joseph and blame it on a lion. But one of the brothers talked them out of that and so they threw him in a pit. Then sold him to some Ishmaelites as a slave who then sold him to an Egyptian named Pottifer. Pottifer's wife lied about Joseph and he was then thrown in a dungeon. 

Joseph couldn't catch a break and it looked as though God had just forgotten him. Then there were these two men who worked for Pharaoh and they where put in with Joseph. Well they both had dreams and one was a good dream while the other was not so much. Joseph told them what each of their dreams ment and sure enough it happened just as Joseph said. Now some time passed and Joseph was still in the dungeon for no reason then the Pharaoh had a couple of dreams and he was told that Joseph could tell him what they meant. Now the dreams were just this; there were seven fat cows and seven skin and bones cows. The skin and bones cows ate the fat cows, yea all of them. Then there were seven stalks of corn that had all kinds of sweet corn on them and seven stalks that looked like they had died. Guess what, yep the sickly stalks ate the sweet corn stalks all up. But in both cases they didn't get better they were both still skin and bones and looked like they had died.

God told Joseph exactly what this meant.There was going to be seven years of lots of corn and fat cows everywhere then there would be seven years of nothing to eat. Joseph told Pharaoh that he needed to gather as much as he could now so that he would have food for the bad years and Pharaoh put him in charge. Yep, Joseph was ruler over all except for Pharaoh. So when Jacob and Joseph's brothers came for food sure enough they bowed down to Joseph just as his dream had said. Joseph looked at them and said. what you meant for evil God used for Good. Wow, you know just like Joseph, it may not look like God cares at times but God is always working things out for His children. Have a great week

  July 2021  
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