Our Beliefs

  We are a Southern Baptist Church which holds to the Baptist faith and message. We believe that the Bible is without error and that it is God breathed. That we were created in the image of God by God and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. That salvation is only through receiving Jesus as your savior and He is the only way to Heaven. That the Holy Spirit is in every child of God and that the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and God are one and yet are three.

  We believe in Baptism by emersion and that it is a testimony of our receiving Jesus as savior and we recognize Communion as that which Jesus gave us to remember what he did for us at Calvary. We believe that Jesus became all sin and was the perfect Lamb of God sacrificed for our sins and that He rose on the third day and is alive at the right hand of the Father interceding on our behalf even today. That He is our great High Priest and is the Head of the church which is His bride.

We believe that salvation is by Grace and not from any works by mankind it is a gift from God. That this salvation, which is the demonstration of His love, can never be taken from those whom receive Jesus as savior.